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Our Business

Previously was known as Wai Sun Electrical Enterprise and was tansformed to WSEE Solutions Sdn Bhd on 12 November 2013.

As the demand for modern buildings increases, better and more efficient management of building infrastructure and building services is of paramount importance. The progress in IT industry has made it possible to provide an optimum & integrated management system under the Intelligent Building System to enable its occupants to enjoy the full benefit and convenience of the modern building services.

WSEE provides full range of the services in the building industry, ranging from consultancy and designing of the building control systems, project management and implementation of the systems and services available, facilities control and monitoring, support and maintenance of the installed system. In addition, WSEE provides technical and sales support to our distribution channels and business partners that together growth our businesses.

WSEE has the products, services and knowledge to create building solutions that will help customers meet their business goals. This is because WSEE bottom line is dedicated to buildings and to the people who work inside them. We design, supply, install, implement, service, operate and maintain the building control systems that control energy use, heating, ventilating, air conditioning, plumbing, lighting and security management for buildings. We also provide complete on-site management and competence technical services for our customers.

WSEE provides full range of Mechanical Ventilation services including installation, testing, commissioning and maintenance of mechanical ventilation systems for residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

Types of mechanical ventilation system:

  • Fresh air and exhaust air system
  • Kitchen exhaust system
  • Smoke spill system
  • Pressurisation system

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